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Together, we continue to pray and adapt to the unprecedented COVID-19 situation.During this time Spire Group Inc. is enabling the transitioning of workers to work from home and in new electronic work environments immediately. See and create schedules, responsibilities and relationships. Socially connect with coworkers, leadership, vendors and customers using the Operations & Maintenance Power modules. Our 1-week implementation time, cloud-based solutions will enable key employees to keep a safe physical distance, while maintaining strong social and business connections to power the value stream. Reach out to us today on our Contact page To request a demonstration.


Operations & Maintenance Power Software

Operations & Maintenance Power is proven to reduce operational costs in real-world environments. Our quick-start-installation process gets users productive within hours, not months with a graphical, drag & drop Work Order Scheduler and intuitive user interface. Documented savings in Operations Process Execution by leveraging your existing infrastructure to reduce labor, attain schedules and hit budgets. O&M Power makes Work Order Scheduling and Execution easy.

Works as a "Bolt-on" to SAP, or a compliment to any other ERP system. No need to learn cryptic ERP codes and screens. Easy user customization. Cloud, Windows, Android and iOS versions available.

Get back on track with real-time visibility of KPIs in customizable dashboards. Decision makers can filter and extract data on performance to budget, utilization and schedules for every job and resource. Provides, real-time awareness, submittals, approvals and collaboration of work execution through seamless communication within the App.

Solutions for Paper and Pulp Mills Experience in major industries such as aerospace Oil & Gas, Mining Industry Experience

Fast deployment with immediate results

Simple implementation using your companies vocabulary to enable you to quickly use Maintenance Power's proven best practices for Production Process Management, with minimal disruption and zero data loss. Reduce the cost of non-value-added labor. Meet your program and project budgets, seeing daily progress in labor utilization, PM compliance for employees and contractors alike. Schedule long-lead time equipment to get there when you need it.

Industry Experience

IT and consulting solutions for Oil & Gas, Mining, Paper & Pulp and other major industries.







Heavy mining equipment;

Oil & Gas Up-stream / Mid-stream;

Automotive; Aerospace;

Paper & Pulp;

Energy Power Distribution;

Consumer Products; Forging /

Castings; Medical; Robotics;

Electronics; Entertainment;

International deployments & more.

Why O&M Power?

Real time management of change.

Productive documentation.

Expedited field ticket quality control.

An optimized Low-Cost High-Margin doctrine.

User Friendly, Accessible, Secure.

Low cost - Fast ROI.